Study and Work in Canada New Jobs in Canada for International Students
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Study and Work in Canada New Jobs in Canada for International Students

Study and work in canada | VALID WORK/STUDY PERMIT

To obtain a valid work/study permit in Canada, you must satisfy the following prerequisites;
⦁ You must be a full-time student at a post-secondary public school (college or university, or CEGEP), or at a private college-level school that functions under the same rules as public schools and is minimum 50% funded by government grants, or a Canadian private school that can legally award degrees under provincial law.
⦁ You must have a social insurance number.
⦁ Your study program should be educational, vocational, or professional, which should last at least six months and lead to a degree, diploma, or certificate.
⦁ You can only work for a max of 20 hours per week during regular educational sessions, and full time during planned breaks (for example, winter and summer holidays or spring break).
⦁ Your age should be between 18 – 35.
⦁ Your country of origin must also have a deal with Canada.
⦁ Also, you must have a valid travel document or passport.
⦁ Your Two photos and photos of family members (if any) with you.
⦁ Proof that you meet the conditions for your respected job
Certificat d’acceptation du ⦁ Quebec, if required.
⦁ Evidence of relationships with all partners, children, or common-law partners.
⦁ Finished application for work permit made outside of Canada, if applying from outside of Canada
⦁ Finished document checklist
⦁ Finished family information
⦁ Finished schedule 1 – application for a ⦁ temporary resident visa form. This form must be fulfilled by the principal applicant, his/her spouse or common-law partner, and all children older than 18. This form is compulsory for foreign nationals who require a temporary resident visa to join Canada.
⦁ Concluded statutory declaration of common-law union. Note: you must satisfy this form if a representative will be conducting business on your behalf. Children older than 18 who are using a representative must also complete this form.
Best of luck with your journey to study and work in Canada.