Study and Work in Canada New Jobs in Canada for International Students
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Study and Work in Canada New Jobs in Canada for International Students

Study and work in canada | OFF-CAMPUS JOBS

Study and work in canada | BARTENDER JOBS

Average Salary: $28,236/ Yr
If you are an extrovert who loves to hustle and bustle during college days and is eager to meet new faces, consider this job opportunity.
Not only will it save your caffeine money but will even improve you to be a good listener and will exercise your confidence.
Moreover, the skills you’ll learn during this job, like talking to strangers, making espresso drinks, working as a cashier, and counting change, will aid you while you work in other cafés or restaurants that you might be eager to pursue during your post-graduation for extra cash.
So give it a call.

Study and work in canada | DRIVER JOBS

Average salary: $44,836
A “side job” that can be accomplished at your own pace and can be complementary to your regular income, for example, an uber driver is suitable enough.
Commercial drivers of all types are in-demand in Canada. It includes long-haul truck drivers to forklift drivers. With the appropriate licences, you should find work easily.
An example of it is the famous Uber driving job, which can bring you a reasonable daily, weekly or monthly income.

Study and work in canada | RECEPTIONIST JOBS

Average salary: $31,304
Receptionists are foremost in demand as they represent a business and thus it becomes the most vital role. Customer services and tech skills are essential in this position. Furthermore, these skills even aid in post-graduation.

Study and work in canada | MERCHANDISER JOBS

Average salary: $48,610
Merchandisers’ main job includes working for retail stores, and stores that select which new stock to bring in and how it should be reflected on the shop floor.
Retail shops always desire to hire; you simply have to select your friendly working hours and it can aid you to have sufficient time to focus on your study.

Study and work in canada | HEAVY-DUTY MECHANIC JOBS

Average salary: $70,000
Most mechanics work with large machinery in maintenance and repair. These sectors mostly contain energy and manufacturing, central to Canada’s economy.

Study and work in Canada | GENERAL LABOUR JOBS

Average salary: $29,250
General labour jobs are in need all over Canada. They mostly do jobs of cleaning, transferring materials and equipment, moreover take on physically demanding jobs.

Study and work in canada | Requirements to work in canada
Working in Canada isn’t that hard nut to crack, students in Canada are allowed to work for the institution itself, or a private business located on the campus.
The country has also facilitated the off-campus work permit program, and international students can even work part-time during their daily academic sessions for 20 hours a week and full-time during planned breaks, such as winter and summer holidays, and spring break.
Canadian law demands you to opt for a work visa or permanent staying permit in the country.