Study and Work in Canada New Jobs in Canada for International Students
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Study and Work in Canada New Jobs in Canada for International Students

So below we have curated a list of opportunities to study and work in Canada that we think can enlighten your potential and confidence.

Study and work in canada | ON-CAMPUS JOBS

No one wants to get trapped in a nine-to-five office job to complement the school workload? I know. No-one! A big fat no! Right?
Here we have listed a few on-campus jobs that can bestow you the required time to focus on your study, work without a work permit, or fulfill a federal work-study condition, with proper pay to favor you indeed.

Study and work in canada | MAILROOM ATTENDANT JOBS

Average Salary: $27,078 / Yr
Almost all colleges have some kind of mailroom where students can receive letters and packages. Operating in the mailroom is a good way to build networks in your dormitory.
Moreover, if you are someone who works in the next door residence, it’s an ideal way to connect with peers who you can not meet otherwise.
Same way when you get some free time while working in the mailroom, you might also be able to do some reading or can even complete the assignments while you’re making money. Apply for mailroom work in Canada from here
What a great idea, right?

Study and work in canada | LIBRARY ATTENDANT JOBS

Average Salary: $43,524/ Yr
Well. It’s a great way to exercise your introverted interests while you make money hand in hand.
Yes, it might require that you stand through an eight-hour shift in complete silence. Working as a library attendant might be an excellent job for you, particularly when you spend most of your time in the library.
It’s a total no for extroverts as it might be a difficult push for them.

Study and work in canada | TEACHING ASSISTANT JOBS

Average Salary: $26.42 per Hour
If you are skilled and eloquent in English and French, you can crack the finest jobs as a teacher assistant.
Many colleges and universities employ undergraduates or graduate students to work as teaching assistants in the fields like Journalism, Mathematics, Physics, and Biology.
If you have been an exceptional student or sustained a good relationship with a professor, get known with possibilities to be a teaching assistant.

Study and work in canada | WEB DEVELOPER JOBS

Average salary: $62,522
It can vary by being off or on-campus. Well, web developers are experts when it comes to coding, transforming everything from computer programs to apps.
If you have computer and web development skills then it’s best for you. It’s not just an opportunity to make money but making sure that you also get time to study. Look out for a web developer job in Canada.