Now become a Project manager in Canada in 4 easy steps
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Now become a Project manager in Canada in 4 easy steps

project management jobs in canada

We believe that these 4 steps will help you to achieve project management jobs in canada.

Well if you are searching for a perfect guide to aid you to become a project manager in Canada, then you are at the right place. Here we will be listing all the essentials to becoming a project manager in 4 simple steps.

Project managers lead the entire team from planning to execution. Moreover, they even monitor, control, and close projects.


Most people assume that a project management career is a finely sugar-coated reputed job with high technical knowledge which is true enough.

Covering all such essentials we will outline and showcase every skill that you must have to have a career in this field. Anyone can be a project manager in Canada.

But the condition is they must understand the responsibilities of a project manager and the requirements to become a project manager in Canada.


In this article, we will cover all the necessary steps that you should carry out to become a project manager in Canada.


Who is a Project Manager?

If you are still thinking about who is a project manager, what they do, etc. So let me tell you. Project managers are passionate, organized, and goal-specific employees are the basic phrases used to define a project manager.

A project manager is a business professional in the field of project management. He is a professional person that plans, manages, and runs projects while working under strict budgets and schedules.


Moreover, project managers are leaders that initiate leading teams, define goals, communicate with stakeholders, and bring a project to its closure.

By supervising projects from commencement to fulfillment, project managers can reduce the project cost, improve company efficiencies & advance revenue while making sure that these projects are completed on time & within scope.


Project management jobs in canada | Core Responsibilities of a project manager

If you are planning to have a career in project management, you must be wondering about the roles and responsibilities you might be assigned after your degree or certification.

The actual duties of a project manager will be based on the industry, organization, and types of projects concerned.


So without bombarding you more with heavy words, let’s straight discuss the core operations and responsibilities that project managers have to take care of.

  • Project managers create a plan considering what tasks have to be completed, and when and who’s going to do it.
  • They even consider the risks involved in a specific project and provide techniques required to manage these risks.
  • Moreover, project managers encourage and coordinate with the team involved in the project.
  • During this time, resource allocation and other miscellaneous costs do emerge.


Hence, it becomes the project manager’s duty to guarantee that these issues are fixed effectively and the project is carried out smoothly.

  • Project managers also operate their teams and make sure they are productive and happy.

For instance, a project manager can exercise team-building techniques and boost their employee’s morale and productivity after certain project phases.

  • For small-scale projects figuring out the cost can be completed in a week but when it comes to larger projects, project managers have to take a certain period and certain revisions making it sure that the cost doesn’t exceed the budget.


Project management jobs in canada | Foremost skills required to become a project manager in Canada

As a project manager, you will be asked to assure that projects are finished on time, under budget, and match the required quality standards.

To work as a project manager, you must have certain skills and personality traits, as these skills will enable you to complete your job duties.


The following are the foremost skills required to become a project manager in Canada.

 project management jobs in canada

IT project manager skills | Strong analytical and leadership skills

The project manager should have effective leadership skills to manage a team or project.

As a project manager, you’re not only responsible for project success, but you must also act as a leader who exercises leadership skills to coach and encourage team members to accomplish their goals.

Hence, powerful leaders promote a constructive work environment by communicating regularly with their team members and supporting their employees.


IT project manager skills | Communication skills

Proper Communication is the king of Project Management, No matter through emails, calls, daily check-ins, or team meetings. Medium is not concerned a comfortable communication with data is a vital skill.

Project managers also make sure that team members and stakeholders know the project plan, timeline, and budget to figure out the status of various projects.


IT project manager skills | Time management skills

Time management is one of the core technical skills necessary for every project manager.

Project managers must have multiple demands placed on their time as they are the center of communication between so many departments and team members.

Notably, project managers must be experts in managing their time, their team’s time, and the overall project time.


IT project manager skills | Task management skills

Tasks are jobs that drive the implementation phase of a project. The task must be created, organized, assigned to team members, and tracked to ensure they meet the project conditions.

However, it is always done with task management. Project management software bestows in managing tasks and fosters cooperation among your project team.


IT project manager skills | Networking skills

A dedicated project manager will be connected with both their industry and their profession through project management networking.

Connecting with other project managers could result in your next client or contract. It is the perfect way to keep yourself up to date on what is happening in your industry and profession.


IT project manager skills | Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving is another effective skill every project manager must have. The most successful professionals in this field devote time to tackling challenges and figuring out how to overpower difficulties.

An obstruction or issue must not restrict project managers. Instead, they develop solutions to keep the project moving forward even when their plans fail.


Project management jobs in canada | What are the advantages of becoming a project manager in Canada?

As a project manager, you can choose from various industries and organizations. For example, manufacturing companies might require someone that can lead a research team making a new product.

Moreover, finance and insurance companies also require a skilled person to update reporting methods to obtain and cope with new standards.


Even the health care industry requires project managers to match the changing constraints, offering you the possibility to save patients cash while enhancing their care.

Another advantage of a job in project management comes down to the increase in demand for project managers in Canada.


Lastly, project management salaries are a fat reason to enter the field. Project managers in Canada have an average income of $70,000 in 2021.

By selecting a project management career, you can influence change by working with politicians or nonprofits who want to create a difference globally.


4 Stages to become a project manager in Canada

If you want to become a project manager in Canada, you must follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Obtain a bachelor’s degree in business or management
  2.   Certification in project management
  3.   Obtain work experience
  4.   Select your niche


Step 1:   Obtain a bachelor’s degree in management or business

The first step to becoming a project manager is to get a suitable degree in project management courses in canada.

While most degree holders go for project management, earning a degree in business or project management is a cherry on the cake.


In addition, you can even seek other relevant degree programs, including engineering, construction, IT, or marketing, and use this expertise to train you for managing projects associated with those roles.

Moreover, you can even complete a degree in another field with a short online course or another certification in project management.


Step 2: Start your certification in project management

Successful project managers require a certificate. Certification aids you in improving your skills and your probability to get selected. Moreover, it demonstrates your commitment to your profession.

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification is a globally acknowledged Project Management certification, perfect for those that have certain experience in managing and delivering projects.


It delivers such managers with industry-accepted certification, which helps to get higher salaries and recognition.

In complement, the Project Management Association of Canada also bestows the Project Management Competence Certification and several specialty certifications such as Certified Agile Project Manager and the Advanced Certificate

in Critical and Structured Thinking.


Step 3: Obtain work experience

Project managers must have the expertise to grow in their selected fields. You can earn experience by looking for internship positions with companies that drive projects.

In addition, you can also be a volunteer that takes extra responsibilities that would enhance your project management roles, such as scheduling tasks, budgeting, and stakeholder meeting.


Acquiring appropriate experience allows you to stand out in front of recruiters.


Step 4: Select your niche

Almost every industry needs project managers. Developing project managers have to decide their field to complete their specialization before determining the next steps.

For example, if you desire to become an IT project manager, you should pursue an IT-related degree to provide you with a strong foundation.

Additional areas of specialization for project managers include construction, energy, product development, and engineering.


Best universities in Canada to study Project Management

Project Management is a highly desired field that concerns the application of knowledge, skills, and techniques to manage projects effectively and efficiently.

A degree in project management is a great option to start a career as a project manager. Here are a few top universities in Canada to study project management.


University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC)

University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) presents a degree program to study project management in canada.

Moreover it trains students to identify, analyze and address uncertainty throughout the project life-cycle and industry best techniques related to risk management.


The University of Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg delivers a degree program in project management to assist students plan, executing, monitoring, and controlling a project to assure its success.

The program gives you a broad foundation in project management and organizational management that applies to not-for-profit, for-profit, and government organizations.


The activities, cases, and projects are concentrating on small medium-sized projects and are completely non-technical in their objectives and learning outcomes.


Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University is another major Canadian university that offers degrees in project management. SFU equips students for this rewarding managerial career in the field of project management.

Students receive the creative, practical, and advanced expertise that donates to the effective management of the essential elements needed to assure project success.


University of Calgary

The project management course is developed for university students to improve their education and acquire the skills to meet the growing need for project managers in the global economy.

Program courses are developed accordingly to guide students in the development of technical project management, leadership, organizational, interpersonal, meeting, and presentation skills.


University of New Brunswick

In this program, students learn to connect the operational aspects of managing a project with the leadership qualities needed to encourage the project team and communicate with project stakeholders.

The program assists students in developing top and mid-level leadership in project management. The university also provides adjustable programs in key areas essential for the growing project management needs.


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