01 Mar, 2024

About Us

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The Rojkikhabar Story

It all began in 2021… would you believe that rojkikhabar started as a side-hustle by two Apple enthusiasts who juggled 9-5 jobs? Today, we have become one of the go-to consumer technology platforms for people worldwide to get reliable information and tutorials on ‘Everything Apple.’

Although rojkikhabar started out of a passion for connecting with like-minded people, now we take it as our responsibility to empower people to learn and become technologically independent.

Our Digital Presence

With a vision to reach people in every nook and corner of the world, we are wherever you are—speaking digitally!

To enjoy a virtual cuppa over geeky conversations with us, connect on any or even better all of the digital channels below:


It takes a team to transform a vision into reality. An ever enthusiastic team of 20+ writers, designers, editors, and content creators at rojkikhabar is always on the radar to update their readers with well-researched, information-driven content. Get to know them better.